The University of Madeira
The University of Madeira is a Portuguese public university, created in 1988 in Funchal. It houses five competence centres: Arts and Humanities, Exact Sciences and Engineering, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, and Health Technologies. The university offers first and second cycle academic degrees in a wide range of fields.

The mission of the University of Madeira is to find appropriate solutions, within a framework of responsibility, equity and sustainability, which contribute to the development and assertion of Madeira and Portugal in a globalized and dynamic world.
The University of Madeira is physically composed of the Rectory - Jesuit’s College, in the city centre (Rua dos Ferreiros), the Penteada University Campus, at the Madeira Tecnopolo Complex, the University Residence, in the historic centre of the city, Rua de Santa Maria) and the São Roque University Campus(Rua Dr. João Abel de Freitas).

The Jesuits’ College Of Funchal (Conference Venue - map)
Founded by royal charter of D. Sebastião in 1569, the Jesuits’ College of Funchal marked, throughout the centuries, the lives of the inhabitants of Madeira Island. For more than 400 years of history, it served a number of tenants, from British invaders to the University of Madeira, coming to serve as a military facility and a number of schools. Despite its military applications, it has always kept a close relationship with education.
Having served as a centre of activity for religious, military and civilian institutions, the Jesuits’ College is an architectural display resulting from the refurbishing made by each of its former occupants, with various details of interest in regards to episodes of national and international History.

Beyond the architecture, the College holds an impressive collection of furniture and art, a great deal of which came from from Quinta do Monte, where Charles I of Habsburg, last emperor of Austria, lived and died. Find out more …