6th Madeira Workshop on Belief Revision, Argumentation, Ontologies, and Norms

March 21st - 25th 2024 - Madeira - Portugal


We are pleased to announce the "BRAON (On Belief Revision, Argumentation, Ontologies, and Norms)." The workshop will take place from Thursday March 21st to Monday 25th, 2024 in Madeira and will follow a "Dagstuhl-like" style, i.e., participation is by invitation, but if you have a colleague you want to bring along, please write to us. The agenda of presentations will be defined "on the fly", and we have chosen a beautiful and quiet place to guarantee a working environment suitable for a creative, relaxed, and fruitful meeting.

The main topic of the workshop will be applications of BR and Arg (and extended to NMR in general), in a broad sense. An application is not only a computational issue; for instance, we consider a valid topic the application of belief revision in formal epistemology, psychology, economics, and other areas. In particular, we will consider applications in Ontologies and Norms. If you have topics/ideas to discuss, please email us!

As it happened in the previous editions, we consider that the future of our areas lies with our young PhDs and junior researchers, for this edition, again we have planned one full day devoted to their work. The activities will include:

  • (a) short presentations of Ph.D.'s proposals or research projects, with a panel of senior researchers in a Doctoral Consortium style
  • (b) short presentations about methodologies followed in the existing lines of research in BRAON
  • (c) a meeting with a brainstorming style between juniors and seniors with an open agenda
- As in previous editions, we are planning a special issue in a journal.

This edition will take place in Ponta Delgada (North Coast of Madeira Island) in the Monte Mar Palace. It is the same hotel of the 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022 editions.

Registration is only by invitation (if you or a colleague want to join the workshop, please email us).

Remember that because of the format of the workshop we have a limited number of places (40); so please confirm that you want to participate as soon as possible in order to reserve your place. We will open the registration soon and the deadline for early registration will be on March 1st.

We hope to see you in Madeira!

Eduardo Fermé and Guillermo Simari